How to become a member of Oklahoma Soccer

The step-by-step process begins by completing the forms provided on this page (see the links in the index to the left) and contacting OSA for additional information.
That information is at the bottom of this page.

Step One -
Develop a Board of Directors, usually 4 to 7 positions.
Check list for a soccer club to assist you in creating your Board of Directors

Step Two -
Develop bylaws to govern your organization. Download Sample Bylaws to assist you in creating a set of Bylaws for your club.

Step Three -
Complete an Application for Membership

Step Four -
After completing the materials from Steps One, Two, and Three, forward them with a $50.00 application fee to
         Oklahoma Soccer Association
          PO Box 35174
           Tulsa, OK 74153

What happens next?

Youth applications - The OSA Youth Division will review your application and bylaws and make recommendations to the Board of Directors of OSA.

Adult applications - Adult Applications and Bylaws are reviewed by the OSA Adult Board and recommendations are made to the Board of Directors of OSA.

Next, the Board of Directors of OSA will recommend your application for membership on the recommendation of the Youth or Adult Divisions to the membership at the next scheduled OSA Annual General Membership meeting (AGM).

Finally, a welcome letter, charter of membership, and contact will be made with your club.

How long does all this take?

Allow one month for the development of your board and bylaws.

Allow one month for the Board of Directors of OSA to review materials and accept the recommendation and then recommend approval by the membership at the next scheduled AGM.

Need further help or someone to talk to about becoming a member of OSA?

Contact the OSA office at 1-800-347-3590 and ask for assistance in starting a new club.

Or, contact Sid Goodrich, OSA’s Executive Director, at