Adult registration form - English
Adult registration form - Spanish

Use the following link for the USASA Insurance informatioon page on the USASA
web site. The link includes How to file a claim, Accident plans in English and Spanish, Liability coverage in English and Spanish, Claim Forms in English and Spanish, and Director's and Officer policy.
K&K Insurance and Des Champs, Gregory & Hayes require a release of liability waiver to be signed by each registered player. While it is in the link to USASA insurance information, we are providing it here:  Waiver Release of Liability
USASA Insurance Information

Downloads and Resource Page for USASA 
Adult Travel permission form - use the Etravel form
Release of Liability Agreement
International Clearance form
Adult Reinstatement form
Application to host tournament or friendly games
Player Pass template
Senior Trial Games Form
Adult Sit-Out Verification Form

League Database Form - Contact and request the form to be emailed to you. It is an Excel spreadsheet and cannot be posted on the site.