National Tournament Applications

US Adult Soccer Association

Registration is now open for our U23 Championship
The tournament will take place June 13-15 at the Ukrainian American Sport Center
outside Philadephia.

Please share this information with any teams you believe may be interested;

 National Cup Application

2014 Entry Form
2014 Open Cup Entry 
2014 National Cup Entry Form
Region III National Cup Championship
Montgomery, Alabama
June 20, 21, 22, 2014
Teams should anticipate a Friday night match.
Teams entering the Open Division are required to fill out both applications; the National Cup and the US Open Cup application.
·       Note the US Open Cup application has a March 18th, 2014 deadline, so please ignore that March 18, 2014 deadline. That deadline was met when we as a Region decided to enter our 2013 Open Regional Champion and Regional Finalist as Region III’s 2014 Open Cup entries.
·        Teams competing in the Open Division at the Regional Championship are competing to be Region III’s Open Cup entries for the 2015 Lamar Hunt Open Cup.
·        The 2014 Region III Open Division Champion will qualify for the 2014 Nation Cup Final Four in Salt Lake July, 25-27, 2014 and the 2015 Lamar Hunt Open Cup.
Deadlines:   Men’s U 23 Application due – May 5th, 2014, Rosters due – June 10th, 2014
                        Men’s Open, Amateur and Over 30 Application due May 16th, 2014, Rosters due May 23, 2014
All Women’s National Championship Applications are due May 1st, 2014, have teams go to to register.
The National Cup committee would like from every state that holds a National Cup Qualifier to submit a brief summary of your competition. What time of year, what divisions, how many teams, the format and anything else that may be useful information to getting a better picture in each region and state of how teams participate and qualify for the National Cup.
The Alabama Convention Bureau is submitting a hotel list that will range is prices.
The complex is beautiful and well managed.If there are any questions or anything I do to assist, please do not hesitate to call.
My cell is 336 698-6569 and email is
Darius Ejlali 

2014 Adult State Championship Tournament
February 22-23, 2014  
Location: South Lakes Soccer complex

Division I teams
St. Thomas Guerrero
COASL Sporting OKC
COASL Tripods FC
University of Central Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma
Division II teams
St. Thomas Tigres


Sporting OKC - State Open Champions


St. Thomas Tigres - Division 2 State Champions

February 22, 2014
Saturday   2 35 minute halves                    Field              Score
9:00 am - OU vs Tripod FC                          4         OU – 2, Tripod – 1
9:00 am - Sporting OKC vs UCO                 6       Sporting OKC – 3, UCO – 0

11:30 am - Guerrero vs. Tripod FC              4       Guerrero – 8, Tripod – 0
11:30 am - OU vs UCO                                  6         OU – 2, UCO – 0

2:00 pm - Guerrero vs Sporting OKC           4                  Guerrero – 0, Sporting OKC - 1

February 23, 2014
10:00 am – Sporting OKC vs Tripod              4                 Sporting OKC – 13, Tripod – 3
10:00 am – OU vs Guerrero                           6                  OU – 1, Guerrero – 2

1:00 pm – Sporting OKC vs Guerrero       4                  Sporting OKC 4, Guererero – 3

D2 Final    
1:00 pm - OAC vs St. Thomas Tigres        6                 St. Thomas Tigres – 6, OAC – 1