There is a meeting Friday evening for Instructional Staff, then the Annual General Membership Meeting.

Saturday we will be kicking things off at 9am with an hour of Q&A on all of the US Soccer Federation Initiatives (Birth year, Small Sided, Concussion Protocols, etc.) Then the meetings and education sessions begin.


There are classroom sessions and meetings as well as some field sessions about various concepts and techniques.  

Scheduled Coaching Courses 2015

Special Topics!  Clubs can always request a special topic for their whole club or for an age group, etc.  Just ask!

REMINDER:  Youth Modules I and II and the USSF E license are paid for by Energy FC. For an application to host a course, use the following link: APPLICATION


Youth Modules: All Youth Modules have an online portion that coaches should do before they come to the field session time/locations below:

Here is the link:
US Youth Soccer Online Coaching Education 

(Cost $0) Paid by Energy FC (For age specific instruction on U6, U8, U10 coaching)
Also hosted/requested by clubs. So, if you don't see one in your area yet, ask your local club to host one!

We had several classes this spring, so keep checking for updates.  Since the USSF F is online only, we still offer the USYSA Youth Modules.  These are Field Sessions we will host at your club with your coaches. These are geared to be age specific (u6/u8/u10) and focus on how to train those young ages and make it a fun, effective and developmentally appropriate practice.  Contact Kurt Luitweiler.

YOUTH MODULE 1 & 2: Age group specific training.  We will run a U6 and U8 and U10 session with kids of that age.  We hold a Q&A between each session to discover what the instructors were really doing and why based on the developmental differences of the 6/8/10 year old players.

YM1 (U6 AND U8) February 8: Broken Arrow 

YM2 (U10 and u12) February 9 Broken Arrow 

US Soccer Federation National Coaching Schools:

The curriculum now starts with the USSF National F License .  As of June 1, 2015 this is the Prerequisite for the USSF National E License. 

The National F License is an approximately 2 hour online course.  

Go to the USSF Digital Coaching Center.  Create a profile. Then it will list all of the courses that are available to you.  Currently, that will only be the F (even if you already have a higher license.)   Planning Tools and Online Resources: When you register for the F, you will get access to the DCC Planning Tools and Online Resources.  

Target for this course is U9-U12 age groups, or those who need the USSF E as the prerequisite for the USSF National D License. The focus in this course is:
1) Creating a positive and effective learning environment. 
2) Introducing concept of Functional Training and creating realistic activities that are dynamic and game related. ($25 for members-Goes to US Soccer Federation and $75 for Non-Members)

Course Schedule: Friday Evening: 6pm-9pm, Sat/Sun: 9am-6pm

February 19-21:

Broken Arrow


February 26-28:


USSF National D License
Target for this course is U13-U15.  Or, in the USSF Curriculum, where the full 11v11 starts to be played and real Functional Training where the goal is to get two lines of players in the system to improve.

Course Schedule: Friday Evening: 6pm-9:30pm, Sat/Sun: 9am-6pm.  TWO WEEKENDS

This course is split into several Phases.
·         Preparation Phase: There are some pre-course assignments that must be completed before the first Friday evening class. So, the earlier you register, the easier it will be to get them all done.
·         Instructional Phase: During the first weekend the National Coaching School Staff will go over the vast majority of the USSF curriculum.  Methodology, philosophy, demonstration of teaching techniques, etc. 
·         Deliberate Practice Phase:  This is why there is two months between the two weekends.  It is time to go away and put into practice the concepts and methods that were discussed during the IW. You will have some assignments to complete during this time period, so it will be critical that you have access to a team to run a session or two.


·         Performance Phase: The final weekend will be one more "dress rehearsal" to get final feedback and then the Sunday will be Testing Day.  The focus of this level course is on Functional GROUPs.  Getting a Functional Group to improve their play. (Back line, midfield, etc.)


JUNE 3-5  Instructional Weekend, OKC

AUGUST 5-7  Performance Weekend, OKC



This course is a 6 hour course.  We will go over all of the GK techniques from basic handling to diving, dealing with crosses, chipped balls, 1v1s, distribution, etc.  We will discuss tactical concerns and psychology as well as selection/evaluation of GKs. Focus is on learning the typical breakdowns in technique and what the fixes are for each.  In addition, the practical portion shows how to create activities that work the GKs in realistic ways and engage the rest of the team in meaningful ways. ($40)

TULSA GK COURSEFebruary 13th hosted at Oral Roberts University from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm.


Advanced Coaching Series: This series will start back up in late February and run through May.  Typically one session a month at various sets, then perhaps one more ONLINE session this spring as well. Will post those topics/dates/locations after the OSA Workshop.

This is a free Professional Development program for coaches of member clubs. These topics will not be topics covered in any of the USSF Curriculum (at least F-C, Some concepts will be in the B and A). We will host sessions in Tulsa and OKC offices. We will host field sessions around the state as well as host some online Webinar sessions.  There will be at least 1 session a month. These will be FREE and OPEN.  We do request an RSVP so we know what to expect and if we need a bigger room when we are inside.

Goals for these sessions will be two-fold:


1)       Prepare those coaches who are going on to take the higher National USSF Courses (C and B and A).  

2)       Continue to provide growth opportunities to coaches who have taken their last official USSF coaching course, but are still looking to grow and improve their craft as a coach.  Presentation from ACS120715 

YouTube link if you miss it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFoU0tHHl4I 

ACS Files (Dropbox): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3yg2as3es0bsns7/AAAPlmZlHrnIaQXxEPDFpufHa?dl=0