Coaching FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching Education Program

What do candidates need to bring to the course?

  1. Appropriate soccer attire to actively participate in field sessions and in a variety of weather conditions (shorts, sweats pants, etc.)
  2. Appropriate soccer footwear for both outdoor and indoor sessions (tennis shoes and cleats)
  3. Water or sports drink
  4. A properly inflated SOCCER BALL!
  5. Writing materials (pens, pencil, notepad, etc.) 
  6. Sunscreen for field sessions


What happens in case of inclement weather?

Please contact your site coordinator.  They will be able to handle your weather questions.  The site coordinators phone number will be a made available prior to the beginning of the course on the OSA web site and at the beginning of your course.

 How do I get an application to attend a coaching course?

Fill out this application to attend a coaching course

How does my organization apply to host a coaching course?

Fill out and submit the Application to Host a Coaching Clinic located under Coaching Forms.

How do I receive an additional copy of my current coaching certificate/license?

This is now an online form for your convenience. The cost of the duplicate license is $15. The form is located under Coaching Forms. You may submit online or print it and mail it to OSA, PO Box 35174, Tulsa, OK 74153.

Does my state coaching certificate/license expire?

 All state licenses are non-expiring.  Coaches are always encouraged to attend the next coaching course level, a seminar, a workshop, or a coaching clinic to continue to grow and develop. 

How long do I have to obtain my proper coaching certification?

All coaches have a 365-day grace period to obtain their appropriate license from the day they begin coaching a particular age group.

Am I required to participate in the field sessions for my course?

Yes, all candidates are expected to attend and actively participate in all sessions.  Don’t worry, your playing ability is not important and you will get plenty of water breaks.

How do I become an Oklahoma Instructional Staff Coach?

All instructional staff coaches are required to have a National license from the United States Soccer Federation. Please note that a National ‘D’ is issued through OSA not USSF. If you meet this requirement please contact the State Director of Coaching and Player Development for more information.