Oklahoma Soccer Association Coaching Department
Coaching Education Program


Any questions or inquiries about hosting, please send email to Kurt Luitwieler, OSA Director of Coaching Education



These course are specifically designed to empower the u6, u8 (YM1) and u10, u12 (YM2) coaches that are relatively new to coaching.   The courses are 4 hour courses approximately.   The "Classroom" half of the courses are now online webinars that can be completed any time before the course starts on the field.   The field portion of the courses is with the Instructor.   He or she will walk the coaches through a typical practice with the appropriate age kids so they can observe and take notes and ask questions.   The key to these courses is learning how to set up the proper developmentally appropriate environment.   There is not enough time in the course to teach the coaches all of the soccer skills in the two hours we have.   So, these courses teach the coaches how to manage the environment and what types of activities will work for each age group. [Scheduled by request by clubs. These can be done on a weekend day or a couple nights a week.]

SPECIFIC TOPICAL MODULES (FREE for clubs in good standing)

These are requested and hosted by clubs.   These can be on any topic the club thinks would be helpful for their coaches.   We have done all of the following the past year or so:

·          Dribbling to beat an opponent.

·          Crossing/Flank play.

·          Building out of the back.

·          Combination Play between Forwards and Mids.

·          Zonal Defending

·          Attacking in the final third with a 4-3-3

·          Build up play with a 4-2-3-1

·          Distribution and starting the counter attack with the GK

·          1v1 Defending

·          Defending the Counterattack

·          Long Passing/Direct Play.

·          Basic Passing/Receiving

·          Team Management Tips

·          Assessment (asked to come and assess several coaches' sessions and give them feedback.)

A couple of these are topics covered within the USSF E and D, but many are not.   The point of these sessions is to come to a club and address certain needs and problems THEY need work on with their players and staff.   Typically, we meet with club leadership and craft the topic/structure of the session first.   Then we would come out, run a session with a team for an hour and a half or so and then have a chat with the coaching staff and see what questions or comments they had and go from there. About half were done with Rec teams/coaches and half with Competitive teams/coaches.

OSA Academy Staff Training (FREE):

Starting Fall 2014 (but really looking to start staff training workshops this Spring/Summer 2014) we will offering free training/education to Academy coaches/staff for any club that is an OSA/USYS Certified Academy Program.


This is a 6 hour course in total.   Can be done over several weeknights or on a single day on a weekend. Or any combination.   It is designed to teach the team coach the basic to intermediate goalkeeping techniques and how to fix them as well as modern methods to train them.

This is course that can be requested/scheduled by any host club. Just contact us and we'll get you set up!

USSF NATIONAL E ($20 refundable deposit upon successful completion of the course)

This is a one weekend course.   It is the foundation of all of the National Coaching Curriculum through US Soccer/FIFA.   It is really essential for any coach at the competitive/academy level or coaching recreational u12 and up.   This course is VASTLY different from its previous versions.   US Soccer has reworked the curriculum and it is much more modern and is now the starting point for all coaches looking to grow their understanding of how to teach/coach youth players at a high level.

THE USSF E is hosted/scheduled by request.   So, if your club would like to host one, contact us and we'll get it set up.

($95 each weekend: Instructional Weekend and Performance Weekend.)

This course is a must have for Recreational coaches u16 and above and for Competitive coaches u12 and up. It is a very thorough course that not only works on refining the coaching/teaching methodology, but starts to formally introduce the technical and tactical components of the USSF/FIFA Curriculum.   This is still a two weekend course. (Friday 6pm-9pm and Sat/Sun: 9am-6pm). However there are a several major changes!!

1)       The two weekends must be at LEAST 1 month apart. (Instructional Weekend and Performance Weekend.) [See list of dates below.]

2)       There is pre-course work that must be done before the course begins.

3)       The two weekends are independent. You can register for ANY Instructional Weekend and ANY Performance Weekend (as long as they are at least 1 month apart.)

4)       To upgrade a USSF D from State to National, all you have to do is register for a Performance Weekend. **HOWEVER, you must do so at least 3 weeks in advance so you can get all of your Deliberate Practice done in time!**

5)       Schedule/Hosting: THERE WILL BE ONLY 3 USSF NATIONAL D COURSES IN A YEAR. (One in the OKC area, one in the Tulsa area and another that rotates from WEST/SOUTH/NORTH/EAST extremes of the state.)

**We will consider adding another date/location by request as well, but the minimum for USSF D is 24 coaches now.**