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COVID Update


Good morning club members,


I hope this email finds everyone safe and healthy!


We have updates from US Youth Soccer on their recommended return to play dates. USYS has moved their return to play from May 1 to May 15. The majority of states in Region III are looking to be consistent with a unified May 15 targeted restart date. With news that the Governor is looking to reopen businesses and lessen the current restrictions, this all looks very positive as a realistic time frame for return to play! Once the Governor and local communities lessen the restrictions in social distancing and numbers allowed to meet, teams may begin practicing as clubs determine the safe and best timeframe suitable for their members. What does this mean for your club?


Recreational Travel play  will resume play on Saturday, May 16 with the additional play dates: May 19/21 weeknight game, May 23 (optional), May 30, June 6, June 9/11 weeknight game, June 13-14 - Tournament of Champions!, June 20, June 27. This will allow for seven games, with the previous March game, teams should receive 8 games. Teams will have the ability to move games and add additional games as desired.


In-House & Intra-Club leagues  - are encouraged to use the same play dates with some weeknights use to provide a full season. Clubs have the ability to schedule based on their needs and can provide more or less dates.



With the date movement of return to play being May 15, clubs will be allowed to sign players starting May 1 and hold tryout sessions starting May 15. 


League play will start Saturday, May 23 with additional play dates: May 26/27 weeknight game, May 30 - 31 State Gold Cup and President's Silver & Bronze Cups!, June 6, June 9-11 weeknight game, June 13, June 20, June 27. With the 1-2 games played in March, teams should have a very satisfying  8-9 game schedule. Teams will have the ability to move games and add additional games as desired.


Oklahoma Soccer is commented to helping all our members get through this difficult period that we are all experiencing. OSA appreciates everyone's patience, support, and desire to work through this pause of spring soccer together as we keep the health and safety of our youth & adult players and families in the forefront of our mission. Soccer can unite us, provide healthy participation, and provide camaraderie with our teammates. 


Yours in Soccer,

Sid Goodrich

OSA Executive Director



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