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Welcome to OK Soccer's E-Travel and Guest Player Pages for Youth or USASA (Adult) Notification


Guest Players Policy and Procedures

Explanation of use of guest players for tournaments and friendly games in Oklahoma and other National State Associations


Travel and Tournament Policy and Procedures

Oklahoma Soccer Association has just made youth and adult travel easier with the use of the E-Travel forms below.


Remember: To travel you must have an OSA official state roster. Guest players must be currently registered with OSA (USYS). If you have an unregistered player, please contact the OSA Tulsa office to ask for additional assistance.

Please have these documents before beginning the process.


The process is easy to use. Follow these 7 steps:

1. Select which form you need from the menu below and click on it.

2. Fill in the data online.

3. After ensuring your data is correct, hit the submit button at the bottom of the form.

4. Your instantly approved form is returned and displayed.

5. Then use your browser’s print function to print out your copy of the authorization or notification.

6. After you read and agree to the statements at the bottom, sign your form.

7. Mail or fax a copy of your Notification to Travel to the tournament that you are attending. Keep your original for check-in at the tournament.

Three different authorization forms are available. Before you choose a form, be sure you know who has sanctioned the tournament you plan to attend.


Please be sure you choose the correct form.

·         Notification to Travel to a US Youth Soccer or USASA (Adult) Sanctioned Event

·         Tournament Guest Player Form (This is for taking registered OK players with OK teams only.) 


·         Interstate Permission Form -

If you wish to take an out of state guest player, you must use the Interstate Permission form.  Please refer to the Guest Player policies or contact the Tulsa OSA office if you have questions.  ADDITIONAL NOTE:  Please remember that it can take a couple of days or longer to process an interstate request, especially around the holidays, so make sure to submit your interstate permission forms as soon as you are able to.  


·         Notification of Participation in Another Organization’s Sanctioned Event (events other than USYS) 

Effective January 1, 2018 only OSA and US Youth Soccer sanctioned tournaments will have member benefits available while attending these events.  The insurance benefits of Accident, Liability, and Club Directors and Officers, the rights, services and governance are inclusive as OSA and US Youth membership benefits.  US Youth Soccer sanctioned events in-state or out-of-state will have their approved sanctioning application posted on the tournament web site. If you have any questions if a tournament is OSA and/or US Youth Sanctioned, please contact the OSA office for assistance. 


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