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We are pleased to announce that OSA is working with U.S. Futsal to develop Futsal in Oklahoma! 

Oklahoma Futsal State Cup

Tulsa Preliminaries                          OKC Preliminaries

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South Central Futsal Regional Tournament Hosted by Oklahoma! 

Winners advance to the US Futsal National Tournament on July 19th!


Register to play at a local Futsal club or league in Oklahoma

Member Clubs:                


Sanctioned Leagues:

  • Legacy
  • Sportshouse
    • Oklahoma City
    • Mustang
    • Edmond
    • Norman


Want to get involved?

Futsal Club Affiliation Form (For Current OSA Members)

Futsal League Affiliation Form  (For New or Non-OSA Members)


Benefits Of Oklahoma Futsal:

  • Full Sanctioned Facilities & Events
  • Accident Insurance For Player & Coaches
  • Liability Insurance For Facilities
  • Directed And Officers Insurance For Club Members
  • Risk Management Program
  • Professional OSA Staff Support
  • Futsal State committee support
  • Coaching Education
  • Referee Development
  • State League Coming 2018-2019


About US

In the state of Oklahoma, the state governing body for United States Futsal is The Oklahoma Soccer Association.  The association has aspirations of integrating strong Futsal leagues with existing soccer programs throughout the state at the youth and amateur levels. Oklahoma Soccer Association (Oklahoma Futsal) works in conjunction with member clubs and sanctioned leagues to further develop the skills of the state’s youth and adult players. Oklahoma Futsal began promoting the sport in the spring of 2000 with demonstrations and small tournaments.


United States Futsal is a member of US Youth Soccer and US Soccer.  Sanctioned events include leagues, tournaments, coaching education and State and Regional competition in Oklahoma and throughout the United states.


Oklahoma Futsal is established to help our youth develop not only into great soccer players but also into productive members of society. Futsal provides a lot of entertainment for all who participate. Since everyone on a Futsal team must work tougher as on entity, the most important concept to promote is teamwork. Together we can produce the best soccer players in the country!


If your organization wants to further the skills of your soccer players, then Futsal is the game for you. Oklahoma Futsal is looking for people to develop local leagues at the youth and amateur levels. The association will be happy to work with you on establishing the game in your area.


For more information on the Oklahoma Futsal Association please contact us:

Adam Kenes

Futsal Director