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Youth Academy League


OSA Youth Acadmeny



Academy Leagues are administered and run through your local member association. OSA works with all clubs to provide oversight, resources, and different organizational models to ensure that the Leagues are successful and take into account the needs of all Youth Academy Programs involved.


REFEREE PAYMENTS - Each team is responsible for half the referee fee for each
game and will remit payment to the referee before each game begins. 
Both 7v7 and 4v4 will use one center referee.
4v4 7U/8U - $20 total, $10/each team
7v7 9U/10U - $26 total, $13/each team
Referees are assigned by the host club.



If your team is only entering festival play, you do not need to enter blackout dates. Your team will only be scheduled on the festival dates you select.

If your team is entering academy league play, there are 17 potential play dates listed below. Each team can black out five individual dates. You do not need to black out festival dates (March 24, April 14). You will only be scheduled on these dates if you select them for festival play. Easter (April 21) is a league black out date. No games will be scheduled.



  • Feb 23-24
  • Mar 2-3
  • Mar 9-10
  • Mar 16-17
  • Mar 23
  • Mar 30-31
  • Apr 6-7
  • Apr 13
  • Apr 20
  • Apr 27-28



Please rate your team on a scale from 1 to 5, with one being the least competitive and 5 being the most competitive. If you are unsure how to rank your team, consult your DOC and other experienced academy coaches. Whenever possible, teams will be scheduled against opponents with equal and/or adjacent numbers. (Teams ranked “5” will play teams ranked “5” and/or “4”. Teams ranked “4” will play teams ranked “5”, “4” and/or “3”, etc…)


If you have any qustions about the league application please email adam@oksoccer.comand cc

Academy Benefits 

All Youth Academy Programs receive support at multiple levels from the Oklahoma Soccer Coaching Department. The Youth Academy Program club and players must be registered with OSA in order to receive the benefits including:

  1. Organizational structure and models for league and program design for both clubs and Associations
  2. Handbook on how to create and operate an Academy Program
  3. Curriculum that is appropriate for the age and ability of the players
  4. Sample training sessions
  5. Educational meetings/webinars for coaches, parents and players
  6. Material to distribute to parents and players on issues they may face
  7. Assistance with organizing Academy Festivals


More information about Youth Academy Leagues and options for playing in-house and friendly games contact Adam Kenes 


Academy Application

Clubs looking to participate in the Youth Academy programs must fill out the following application in order to get accepted. The application will be reviewed by the State Director of Coaching and shared with your local Association to ensure that clubs and coaches are in good standing.

For 2018-2019 Seasonal Year

  • New Academy Program Applications are due now for Fall 2018
  • Returning Academy Programs must submit changes or updates by August 6, 2018


Academy Playing Rules

*All Academy Leagues must follow these OSA Academy Playing Rules


The following clubs currently offer an Academy Program.  For more information about their program, click on the contact to send an email. 

Bixby Soccer Club - Highlanders or Sheffield

Canadian Valley FC - Richard Hudson 

Edmond  - James Soesbee 

Midwest City -  Quan Tran 

Muskogee - Muskogee Soccer Club 

North OKC -  Alli Fansher

OFC - Gary Boreham

Blitz United Paldin Khodabandeh 

Northwest Optimist -  Dave Sargent 

Ponca City -  Austin Drumm 

Stillwater SC - Stillwater SC

ODA - Victor Gaytan

Tulsa Tornados - Rosie Rodriguez










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