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Goal Safety


Goal Safety


Soccer Goal Safety – why are we not getting the message?

Hopefully I have your attention and you continue reading. All of us must take responsibility for player safety – Coaches, Managers, Administrators, Referees and Parents. There is no excuse to have unanchored goals on soccer fields – all the above should refuse to practice or play on goals that are unanchored or be willing to accept the responsibility when it falls over. Better yet – accept the responsibility for correcting the problem – anchor or counterweigh the goal – tell a club official the goal is unanchored.

Why Soccer Goal Safety is important:

  • Do not falsely think this will not happen at your practice or game – it does.


What are the first steps that need to be taken?

  • Clubs every fall and spring season are required by OSA to inspect their fields and goals and complete an on-line report – this is the first step to take in goal safety:

Are your fields & goals inspected and forms completed?

  • Before every practice and game – coaches need to inspect the field area and goals to insure they are anchored – why – any number of unintentional reasons – goals are moved for field maintenance, teams practice and move goals, non-club members move goals to play – goals may be put back into place but not be re-anchored.
  • Referees are required to inspect fields and goals before every game – do not assume goals are safe and anchored because a game played before yours!
  • Parents, yes parents – we do not let our children play during storms or with lighting because it’s not safe, unanchored goals are just as dangerous as lighting. Help the coach when he is warming up and check the goals for him and bring any safety issues to his/her attention.


What are safe goals – OSA has a wealth of safety information from the CDC, Anchored for Safety and Kwikgoal -

Please take a few minutes to understand how to spot an unanchored goal and how to properly anchor it. Have questions on goal safety – our office staff and board are always happy to help you – 800-347-3590.




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