Competitive Districts                        

Competitive Vice-President

Matt Howe


East VP

Barry Roberts


West VP

Mickey Weatherly


East Committee Members and their club                                            West Committee Members and their club
Derek Larkin - NEOFC                                                                      Sean Jones - OFC
Justin Elkington - Stillwater Apex                                                       Ken Wilpitz - NYSA
Roger Bush - WSA                                                                           Daryn Story - ESC
Wes Branstetter - WSA                                                                    David Carson - Ponca City
Tina Robinson - Tulsa Nationals                                                        Brandon Lawless - SLSC
Randy Totty - Highlanders FC                                                           Ashley Giltze - SLSC
Rob Swaim - Sheffield United SC
Micah Lipscomb - FC Bartlesville


OSA welcomes 
Jill Hartley to the OSA staff. She will work in the OKC offices at Soccer City as the OSA competitive administrator. Jill hails from Clay County Soccer Club in Florida where her daughter Maddie played soccer and was a player on the US national championship team in the U19 division. Jill and her husband, Jeff, moved to Norman 3 years ago and she's happy to be involved in Oklahoma Soccer. Please make Jill feel welcome to Oklahoma and she can be reached at 405-286-0488 or by email at