NEW INFO:  Here is a link to the May 2015 - Youth Competitive Meeting Minutes (also posted in the OSA Meeting Minutes section) 

Competitive Policies (includes OPL, OCL, & Club Pass Policies - Approved June 2015)

Club Player Pass Process for Clubs: 
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Roster Continuity


SRPL selections are made by using Soccer City OPL standings from spring and fall.  The top four finishers receive SRPL bids.  In the case of teams already in SRPL, head to head competition between OK vs OK teams is used to determine seeding and/or relegation.  The bottom team in SRPL can be challenged by the OPL winner for the SRPL spot.  

*  Teams must also comply with all eligibility rules set forth by US Youth Region III.
*  Teams must register 9 players from their 2014-15 roster in order to maintain continuity and retain their slot.


* Tryout Signing date:              June 6
* OCL & OPL teams applications 
   open (ALL comp teams):        July 6-17
* Last day black out entry:        July 23 
* Competitive Registration:       August 1
* OCL & OPL open reschedule 
   period:                               August 1-7
* Registration closes                August 15 
* Season begins:                     
August 29


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OPL questions should be directed to



Fall 2015 Ref Fees (U12-U14)
(Referee fees were due September 1st, so there is now a $50 late fee. Please see the updated list.)
Extended Season 2015-2016 Ref Fees (15-U19)

Game Day Procedures - click here
Reschedule Policies
OPL Reschedule Form



*Games will not be scheduled or rescheduled on State Blackout days.
*East/East and West/West games may be scheduled on weeknights where facilities are available.

(The leagues will not schedule games on Friday nights during high school football season)


U11-U14 OPL & OCL 

Fall 2015 


August 29-30  -  Opening Weekend



Nov 22  -  Last day scheduled by league

Nov 25-29  -  STATE BLACKOUT - (Thanksgiving)

Dec 13  -  Last day for all Fall 2015 games.


U15 - U19 OPL & OCL
Extended Season 2015/2016


August 29-30  -  Opening Weekend



Nov 25-29  -  STATE BLACKOUT - (Thanksgiving)

Dec 14-Jan 8  -  No games scheduled - (Winter Break)

Feb 7  -  Last day for all U15-U19 OPL & OCL 2015/2016 Season 



Travel During Severe Weather  - The safety of our members is always our top priority at OSA. Due to the potential for severe weather in every season, please check with the complex where you are scheduled to play to ensure it is open. If it is not safe to travel please contact your opponent as early as possible for information and site situation. Clubs should consider contacting opponents who are traveling to forewarn them of complex closures or time/field changes due to severe weather conditions. Referee assignors should be informed of any changes to schedules due to severe weather conditions. Good luck on the pitch and please be safe.

From the OPL League Policies concerning game cancellation due to weather:
B. Temperature –  in consideration that the League is a fall extended season that plays through the winter months, the follow guidelines will be used to determine if a game can be cancelled based on the current mean temperature at the start of play:
1. 40 degrees or above – The match will play as scheduled, if a team decides not to play then the result will be recorded as a forfeit (3-0) and team forfeits their bond.
2. 20-39 degrees - Game may be played if both teams and OSA deem appropriate. Any of the three parties can "veto" playing and the game will be rescheduled.
3. 19 degrees or below – Game(s) will be postponed.
 C. In the event of diminished playing circumstances (rain, cold, etc.) if the complex remains open and the referee declares the field conditions safe for play, the teams/coach do not have the authority, even by mutual agreement to reschedule the match. Failure to play the match will result in a review by the LOC and the match may be declared a forfeit or double forfeit.