PLW selections are made by using Soccer City OPL standings from spring and fall.  The top four finishers receive PLW bids.  In the case of teams already in PLW, head to head competition between OK vs OK teams is used to determine seeding and/or relegation.  The bottom team in PLW can be challenged by the OPL winner for the PLW spot.  

*  Teams must also comply with all eligibility rules set forth by US Youth Region III.
*  Teams must maintain roster continuity in order to maintain their slot.


Congratulations! The teams listed below have been selected to participate in the Regional Premier League West (PLW). 

Please contact  of your teams intent to participate (yes or no) in PLW so we can have accurate numbers to give to the region. The fee for this league is $750 with a $1500 bond both of these fees will be paid to OSA at Oklahoma Soccer Association, P.O. Box 35174, Tulsa, OK 74153.  
Please ensure your team is registered and payment made before the June 30th deadline. Reminder teams must maintain 9 previous players (continuity rule) all preliminary rosters (do not need to be official) are due June 30th. 

Please email preliminary roster to  Reminder all teams participating in PLW only must also participate in OPL, games between other PLW teams will count for both leagues. If your team is involved in a play in game no CPP players can be used. 

PLW SCHEDULE - click here

2015 Spring Schedules for U13 West

The U13 age group will participate in the spring all others will participate in the fall. Registration link for the U13 will be available after December 1, 2014.  Please check back.

U14 Boys

TSC Carreno
WSA 01 White 
South Lakes 01 Blue 
TUSC Blitz United 01

U15 Boys
OFC 2000
TSC Pore
NYSA Celtic Green
WSA 00 Red
U16 Boys
OFC 99
TUSC Blitz Bradford (formally TSC Yates)
WSA 99 Blue
TSC 99 Yates (formally Lundy)
U17 Boys
TSC 98 Nsien
OFC 98
NYSA Celtic 98
NWO 98
U18 Boys
TSC 97 Spears
OFC 97
NYSA Celtic 97
TUSC Blitz 97
U14 Girls
OFC 01
TUSC Blitz 01
TSC Hurricane Gold
South Lakes 01

U15 Girls
OFC 00
TSC Omelo (formally TUSC Blitz 00)
NYSA 00 Green
Canadian Valley 00 Red
U16 Girls
OFC 99
NYSA Green
TSC 99 Rhein
TUSC Blitz 99 Black
U17 Girls
OFC 98
WSA 98
Canadian Valley
U18 Girls
OFC 97
TSC Killingsworth Red
TUSC Blitz 97

August 23 & 24  - Oklahoma v North Texas @ North Texas  - Lewisville, TX
September 13 & 14 - Oklahoma v South Texas @ Oklahoma  - Broken Arrow
September 20 & 21 - Oklahoma v North Texas @ Edmond
October 18 & 19 - Oklahoma v South Texas @ South Texas  - San Marcos, TX
October 25 & 26 - North Texas v South Texas @ South Texas
November 8 & 9 - North Texas v South Texas @ North Texas


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