SRPL selections are made by using Soccer City OPL standings from spring and fall.  The top four finishers receive SRPL bids.  In the case of teams already in SRPL, head to head competition between OK vs OK teams is used to determine seeding and/or relegation.  The bottom team in SRPL can be challenged by the OPL winner for the SRPL spot.  

*  Teams must also comply with all eligibility rules set forth by US Youth Region III.
*  Teams must register 9 players from their 2014-15 roster in order to maintain continuity and retain their slot.

NEW INFO:  Here is a link to the May 2015 - Youth Competitive Meeting Minutes (also posted in the OSA Meeting Minutes section)

Competitive Policies (includes OPL, OCL, & Club Pass Policies - Approved June 2015)

SRPL Website
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SRPL 2016

2016 OK SRPL Qualifiers

Please note that the teams listed are the teams qualifying and this team ID must follow that team. The team age will change for the SRPL season but the team ID with the SRPL bid must remain with this team. You may add any player that is age eligible to these teams for the 2016-2017 seasonal year. The SRPL team age is determined by the age of the oldest player(s).

US Soccer has updated their age charts and the age matrix.  These are posted on OSA's website. SRPL has approved the SRPL Matrix, which matches that of US Soccer. The National League is using the same matrix as well. 

The Current System, on the left of the page, shows current SRPL age groups. If you follow the arrows to the right, you will see the age divisions for next year. SRPL currently has 6 age Divisions and going forward there will still be 6 age Divisions.  More information is to follow.

Ejection Report
League Policies (Effective August 1, 2015)   

SRPL Fall 2015 Timeline