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Adult Player Accident Insurance Information



Basic information can be found at :

            Adult Player Insurance Information


To file a claim for an adult player:

  1. Fill out the USASA Claim Form

  2. Email fully completed form for approval to Cassie Martin at the OSA Tulsa office at

  3. Once approved, the form will be sent off to USASA for processing.  Once they have processed the claim, you will receive a letter back from USASA via regular mail. They will provide you with a claim number. 

  4. From there, the insurance company takes over and will be your primary point of contact. More information can be found at: USASA Claim Filing Instructions


Send inquiries, bills, and all related claim items once you have submitted your online claim form, and it has been approved to:

K&K Insurance Group, Inc
Claims Department
PO Box 2338
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46801-2338
(800) 237-2917, Option 1


If you have questions on insurance claims, or if you need additional assistance, contact Cassie in the OSA Tulsa office at 800-347-3590 or 918-627-2663, or you may email her at

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