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OKC Energy FC's Partnership with OSA!
OKC Energy FC and Oklahoma Soccer Association Partnership
Working together to Grow Soccer!

The USL OKC Energy FC is partnering with the Oklahoma Soccer Association to grow and enhance soccer programming options offered by OSA as well as to expand its current partnership. In 2013, both organizations developed a partnership in offering free coach education and community outreach for members of the Oklahoma Soccer Association. The working relationship with the Energy & OSA and benefits that youth soccer members received were an immediate success!

Both organizations looked at their mutual goals for soccer in Oklahoma and asked - can we do
more to help soccer grow and development beyond our current scope of resources. Together, we
identified four areas of emphasis and goals on the established pillars which we could expand our
partnership and offer enhanced benefits to our members:
·         Olympic Development Program (ODP) - Enhance and elevate the overall status
and perception of Oklahoma ODP in the eyes of Clubs, Coaches, Players, and
Parents. Additionally, look to offer more opportunities to the elite player in
State, Regional and National Programs.
·          Coaching Education - Enhance the overall soccer experience for Coaches,
Players, and Parents in the State of Oklahoma. Develop more opportunities for
coaches to participate in educational programs and offer avenues for parents to
gain more knowledge and understanding the best methods of positive
·          Growth of the Game - Facilitate opportunities to grow the game of soccer in the
State. Recreational, Competitive, Academy, TOP Soccer, Community Outreach,
Soccer Fun Days, Intercity programs for youth and adults are the goals.
·          Game for Everyone - Ensure that programs help to embody the motto of
Soccer...the Game for Everyone

What will happen next: 
The OKC Energy FC will be hiring both a Director of Coaching and a Director of Player Development, OSA will be hiring an Assistant Director of Coaching with a strong emphasis on the recreational player needs. The target start date is July 1 for staff to begin the ro11 out of the coaching and player development programming.
What is the time frame of the Partnership?
Once the Staff is in place July 1, the Energy and OSA will begin the partnership program. This will include all aspects of the Player Development Program (ODP) and Coaching Education. The very successful and in high demand current free coaching Youth Modules and "E" courses will continue to be offered to all OSA member clubs. In conjunction to the US Soccer and US Youth Program Standards, the Energy Directors will take the lead in program administration and direction in conjunction to working with OSA's staff and board. Current Coaching Staff will integrate with new coaches provided through the Energy. Coaching courses with be offered starting in August throughout the state as they have always have been with increased availability.  The ODP program will begin in September with registration and start of the 2016-2017 Training Centers.

Where can I find more information on the partnership programs?

Program information for ODP and Coaching Education is available on the OSA Website under the "Programs" (ODP) or "Coaches" tabs - you can also link to this information on the Energy web page.
Who do I contact?

Contact information for the staff who oversees each of the various programs will be located on the OSA and Energy websites upon hire.

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