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How To Become A Member

OSA Policies on how to become a member

  1. Create a Board of Directors with a minimum of four (4) unique individuals. Please provide the name, address, phone number, and e-mail address for all Board members and club officials to include your USSF Referee Assignor. If you do not have a current USSF Referee Assignor, OSA can refer your club membership application to the State Referee Committee for assistance.


  1. Provide a copy of your club’s articles of incorporation, constitution, bylaws, rules, and regulations. Municipalities having their own local government such as Parks and Recreation Department can request an exemption to articles of incorporation.


  1. OSA recommends clubs incorporate as a Domestic Not for Profit Corporation. Clubs doing so will need to provide a copy of your 501(c)(3).


  1. Provide the address where your club will play home games and property owners approved use of sufficient fields for number of players/teams as indicated in your application. Fields must meet and be maintained to U.S. Soccer standards. Failure to maintain fields or loss of field usage may result in suspension of home games and/or OSA membership.


  1. Please provide your anticipated number of players, teams, and composition of teams (i.e. male, female, coed, recreational, academy, competitive, and/or adult).


  1. Please state your primary proposed geographic area of operation.


  1. Submit the OSA Application for Membership form along with a $100.00 new member application fee to Oklahoma Soccer Association, PO Box 35174, Tulsa, OK 74153. CLICK HERE for application.


  1. In an effort to obtain local feedback, existing members within a 10-mile radius of the potential new member’s home fields will be provided an opportunity to object to the new member’s acceptance. An objection to membership will not automatically exclude the prospective member from OSA.


  1. A new member club must provide evidence that it is meeting an unmet need. If there is no other club within 10 miles of the potential new member’s home fields, the need will be presumed.


  1. The OSA Board of Directors will review the application to ensure all criteria is met prior to sending to membership for approval. The OSA Board of Directors may grant provisional membership pending membership vote at next general membership meeting.


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