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How To Become A Member

OSA Polices on How to Become a Member

The step-by-step process begins by completing the form provided on this page and contacting OSA for additional information.

Step One - 
Elect a Board of Directors, usually 4 to 7 positions.

  • No paid positions as voting members.


Step Two -
Develop bylaws to govern your organization. 

  • Identification of a USSF Referee Assignor that the club can use.  This may be someone within the club or working with another neighboring club that can assist.
  • Clubs are required to use approved assigning software that is approved by the SRC (State Referee Committee).

Step Three –

It is recommended that clubs have a minimum of 2 recreational soccer teams per 1 competitive team.
Complete an Application for Membership 

Step Four –

Soccer Fields must be secured by a multiyear contract and/or agreement with un-restrictive access during game/practice operations.

  • Adequate number of soccer fields for the number of teams in the program
  • Fields to meet US Soccer standards.


Step Five –

After completing the materials from steps one, two, three and four, forward them with a $100.00 application fee to
         Oklahoma Soccer Association
         PO Box 35174
         Tulsa, OK 74153

The executive committee will approve applications prior to being sent to the membership for  approval.

Step Six –

New member clubs will be required to have these items one year after approval – OSA can assist and provide resources to complete these requirements:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Not-for-Profit Status


Please contact the OSA office with any questions, 918-627-2663.

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