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OSA Offices and Staff


Tulsa Office:                                       Oklahoma City Office:

9820 E. 41st St, Suite 115                              4520 Old Farm Rd
Tulsa, OK 74146                                             Oklahoma City, OK 73162
P.O. Box 35174                                               405-286-0488
Tulsa, OK 74153
 Office Hours:
800-347-3590                                                 Monday - Friday, 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Sid Goodrich for Web Pbage

Sid Goodrich – Executive Director
918-627-2663 ext 19
Board Liaison
Tom Wedding– President Executive Committee
 TBD– Vice President, Youth

Raymond daniel – Vice President, Adult

David Mooreweb
David Moore - Director of Operations
Recreational Admin
918-627-2663 ext 22
·Referee Registration

·Recreational Registration

·League & Tournament Operations
·Club Registrations and Support
·Adult Leagues
Board Liaison
– Vice President, Competitive
Sid Goodrich – Executive Director
Cassie Martin – Director of Business Services 
918-627-2663 ext 21
·Risk Management
·Discipline & Appeals
·Financial & Accounting
·Web Page
Board Liaison
Mike Naumann – Vice President, Risk Management
Open - Treasurer, OSA
 Executive Committee
Max Tilford – Vice President, Games, Discipline, & Appeals
Pauletta Price – Director of Competitive Programs
·Competitive Registration
·OPL & SRPL Administrator
State Competitive Tournaments 
Club Tournament Administrator
Board Liaison
– Vice President, Competitive

              Kathy Web Photo
Kathy Goodrich - Director of Communications
·Communications and Publications
·Smoke Signals & Touchline
·Sponsorship Support
·Social Media and Website
Board Liaison
TBD - Youth VP


OSA Coaching Staff

OSA Coaching Staff

David Yates 2 for Web Page

David Yates - OSA

 Technical Director


Coordinates Coaching and Player Development 

Coaching Education Licensing & Player Development Training

Coaching Staff Development

Field Demonstrations for OSA Teams & Clubs

Coaching Communication for OSA Clubs' Directors

 Oklahoma Competitive Committee Chairman


 Adam 4 For Web page

Adam Kenes - OSA

 Assistant Director of Coaching & Recreational Programs

ODP Administrator

Coaching Education
Player development – ODP/Training Centers/Camps
Club Education and Development
Top Soccer
Soccer Fun Days
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