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March 2-3 Game Updates!




With the potential for severe winter weather this coming weekend forecast nearly a week ago, OK Soccer has been monitoring forecasts statewide for the past several days. 


Saturday, March 2:

Forecast conditions vary with highs in some areas predicted to reach nearly 50 degrees. The decision to play or postpone is up to the host club/complex. If a club/complex chooses to stay open based on local conditions, please be mindful of teams that may be traveling from areas where conditions may reduce travel safety. OK Soccer may revise this decision if updated information warrants.


For additional guidance, please consult US Soccer's Cold Weather guidelines:


In all traveling leagues, recreational, competitive and academy, if your home club/complex cancels or closes, it is the responsibility of each team's coach to notify his or her opponent and get a confirmation from your opponent that he or she has received the notice. Clubs/complexes should also verify the referee assignor is notified of any cancellations. 


If you are traveling, do not receive a notification but feel conditions may be questionable, before leaving we advise reaching out to the opposing coach and/or club  to verify the game is still scheduled to be played.


Sunday, March 3:

All OSA events canceled. Overnight precipitation, sub-freezing temperatures and sub-zero windchills predicted most of the day for nearly the entire state.


Thank you,

OK Soccer Administration



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