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Olympic Development Program



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The US Youth Soccer ODP Philosophy
To identify players of the highest caliber on a continuing and consistent basis, which will lead to increased success for the U.S. National Teams in the international arena.


The U.S. Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (ODP) is a national identification and development program for high-level players. The program identifies and develops youth players throughout the country, to represent their state association (OSA), region (South Region) and the United States in soccer competitions.


ODP Teams are formed at the Oklahoma Soccer Association and regional level, made up of the best players in various age groups.



What is the Olympic Development Program (ODP)?

Oklahoma ODP seeks to identify elite players from all over the state with the intention of developing those players with supplemental training in a competitive environment while exposing them to opportunities for success at higher levels of competition.


US Youth Soccer Breakdown

US Youth Soccer is divided into four regions, each of which offers Regional Trials for state association teams in each eligible age group. South Texas is in the South Region, along with North Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.

For more information about the history of the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program CLICK HERE.


Who is Eligible?
Any soccer player is eligible for consideration in the US Youth Soccer ODP if he or she meets the age requirements for the established age group. A player may try out in the state association in which he or she is eligible to be registered. A player may not try out for the ODP in more than one state association.odp_pyramid

Eligible Age Groups:

  • Boys & Girls  born in 2004 (Fall & Spring Talent Identification 1 day events. Locations Tulsa & OKC, dates and locations tbd, cost $50 per player for registration to both ID events)
  • Boys & Girls born in 2005
  • Boys & Girls born in 2006
  • Boys & Girls born in 2007
  • Boys & Girls born in 2008
  • Boys & Girls born in 2009
  • Boys & Girls born in 2010
  • Boys & Girls born in 2011 (Pre ODP Program. Training only, no events scheduled for these age groups currently)



Training for the 2005 - 2011 will be pool based (all registered players get to train if available to attend) with players having the chance to play in ODP events, throughout the season. 

Fall training dates; START DATE CHANGE & UPDATES!!


Oklahoma ODP Suspended for Spring 2021


Due to rising numbers of COVID 19, Oklahoma Soccer Association has decided to Suspend the ODP for the Spring of 2019.

We do this to maintain the safety of our players. parents and staff coaches, and will continue to monitor how the next few months play out.


Current Update for Parents & Players: 


We are still assessing the likely hood of getting  the ODP back up and running hopefully soon.

Some of the variables that are affecting the decisions, are League Play, Tryouts, Various State Tournaments which can make it challenging on player/parents and coaches on availability.

Again I thank you for your patience, and remain hopeful.


Options we are looking at are;


1) Starting back with age group team training sessions

2) Holding weekend training camps with games against local club teams or neighboring state ODP teams

3) Holding Talent Identification dates, for certain ages with local college coaches attending, and evaluation from State and possibly National Staff scouts for ODP Regional Camp.

4) Goalkeeping camp both in the East & West side of the state (Camp fee tbd)


Again, this decision was difficult for us to make, but we feel the health and safety of our ODP family has to be prioritized, as we want to make sure that the training environment is SAFE for all.


Please continue to check the website for updates as we progress through the next few months.


Best wishes



David Yates

Oklahoma Technical Director




Parents & Players,

Given the increasing number of COVID cases, and with the health of our soccer community in mind, the OSA has decided to cancel the next two ODP training events.

New dates and locations for the rescheduled events are being determined and will be announced at a future time.

With the health and safety of all participants as our top priority, we believe it is not in the best interest of the teams and families to travel at this time. That fact has become evident through the growing number of teams that have been forced to pull out of the events due to cases within their club, travel restrictions put in place by the local and state officials, or similar reasons.

By postponing, we will be able to reschedule the events to ensure we can provide a safe experience that is beneficial to all participants. 

We will make up the cancelled dates during Jan/Feb & March.


We appreciate your understanding

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.

David Yates

OK Technical Director.

Sunday November 29th, 3-5pm, Tulsa (Location tbd).   CANCELLED

Sunday December 6th, 2-4pm. OKC (Location tbd)  CANCELLED

Sunday December 13th, 2-4pm, Tulsa (location tbd)  CANCELLED

Sunday January 10th, 2-4pm, OKC (location tbd)

Sunday January 24th, 2-4pm, Tulsa or Stillwater (location tbd)

Registration fees: USYS Registered player is $75, Non USYS Registered Player $90 ($15 increase to both after November 1st)


What are Regional Camps?

US Youth Soccer is divided into four regions, each which offers a regional camp for state association ODP players in each eligible age group. The camps are designed to provide high level competition and training for participating players. During this training and competition, players who can perform at a higher level of play are identified for possible national team camp, pool, or team participation. Each region varies somewhat as to the specifics and the cost of their camps. Your state association or regional administrator should be contacted for more information. To be eligible for Region Camp, you must be invited by State TD's, or Region/National team scouts, and must of been part of ODP for that seasonal year!

What is a National Camp?
National Camps and Interregional events are held throughout the year at various locations in the United States. The National Team Coach or a National Staff Coach is present at these events to observe, train, and identify players for placement in the national pool or on a national team.

What are the Benefits of Participating in US Youth Soccer ODP?

  1. Development as a player. The opportunity to train and play with the best players in one's age group.
  2. Quality instruction from nationally licensed coaches.
  3. Quality competition. Games against other state association ODP teams.
  4. Exposure to regional and national team coaches.
  5. The opportunity to represent one's state, region, or country in competition.
  6. Exposure to college coaches.


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ODP Player Manual


Next Calendar Events:





If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:  David Yates, Oklahoma State Technical Director




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