2021 Grassroots Recertification is entirely online in the US Soccer Learning Center. If you have already created a Learning Center profile, you can skip Step 1 and log in to your LC account. Anyone who does not yet have a Learning Center profile needs to follow Step 1 to create one.


US Soccer launched a new referee pathway beginning with 2020 certification. Grades 9/8/7 have been consolidated into one grade: Grassroots Referee (GR). With this new pathway, the mandatory in-person course requirement for Grassroots Recertification has been eliminated. The process for 2020 Grassroots recertification is now completely online.

1. Create a Profile in the U.S. Soccer Referee Learning Center (LC).

The unique account identifier is an email address. Parents may not use their lone email address to register multiple referees. Each referee needs their own email address. Parents may add a secondary email address to each account in order to receive any emails their referee is receiving.

The Learning Center will attempt to migrate your old registration data (lifetime). Accept when prompted.

If your full license history does not migrate in to your new Learning Center profile, email both and the following details:

  • Full Name (include any old names if a name change occurred)
  • Date of Birth
  • 16 Digit USSF ID
  • Any Old Email Addresses


A known issue while creating an account in the LC is a browser timeout. If this occurs, the U.S. Soccer recommended steps are to clear your browser history, cache and cookies, close your browser and try again. If this doesn't solve the issue, try a different browser and/or device to create your account.

While new referees must be 13 years of age or older to register, any current referees that are younger than 13 are grandfathered in.

If the Learning Center prevents registration due to Date of Birth, email both and for assistance in creating your profile.


2. Complete the US Soccer NCSI Background Check ? (18 years and older)

Starting with your 2020 certification, this is mandatory for all referees age 18 and older. This is a new US Soccer requirement. ?

The US Soccer NCSI background check is valid for two years. The cost is $30 plus a $1-2 processing fee.  ?

The US Soccer NCSI background check is available in the US Soccer Learning Center, click:

Courses > Available Courses > Background Screening (under "Supplemental Courses")

Detailed Guide to Submitting NCSI Background Check

NCSI Background Check FAQ


NOTE: The Oklahoma Background Check through your GotSoccer referee profile is still required. That continues to be a free annual background check


3. SafeSport Training (18 years and older)


SafeSport is US Federal Law passed by the US Congress and is mandatory for anyone 18 years and older.

In the US Soccer Learning Center, click:

Courses > Available Courses > SafeSport

SafeSport training takes 1-2 hours to complete.


4 . Register for Grassroots Recertification Online Course in U.S. Soccer Referee Learning Center (LC).

After creating an account, you must register for the Grassroots Recertification Online Course. If you are 18 or older, you will not be allowed to being the course until your background check has cleared. This could take up to 10 days.

In the US Soccer Learning Center, click:

Courses > Available Courses > Grassroots Recertifying Referees.

Make sure the location filter is set to: Oklahoma State Referee Committee

Register for 2020 Grassroots Recertification Course (Online)

The 2020 Grassroots Online Course takes 3-5 hours to complete.