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Getting Started as a New Referee

How to Become a Soccer Referee in Oklahoma

Every year the demand for soccer referees grows. While it's great to bolster our numbers with more youth referees, as more and more kids play deeper into their high school and college years, and then go on to play amateur soccer, the need for adult referees is greater than ever.

The minimum age to become a referee is 13 years. This is set by the United States Soccer Federation and cannot be waived or modified by the State Referee Committee or any club or league. The US Soccer learning center will not allow anyone under the age of 13 to create a referee profile.

Grassroots Referee Course

This is the first course to take to become a soccer referee in Oklahoma. It is divided into online and in-person components:

1. ONLINE - US Soccer Learning Center

--Grassroots Course (approx. 5 hours) $75.00

--NCSI Background Check (mandatory for 18+) $32.00

--SafeSport (mandatory for 18+) 

2. In-Person Grassroots Field Session (3 hours)


Online Grassroots Referee Course @ US Soccer Learning Center

This is the first step toward becoming a new referee. This covers the Laws of the Game as well practical learning about what it means to be a referee, what is expected of you and what you can expect, as well. You must complete the Online Grassroots course before you can enroll in and attend an In-Person course.


Click "Sign Up" to begin creating your referee profile.

Once you are signed up and logged in, choose "Courses" from the top menu.

On the "Courses" page, click the "Available Courses" tab.

Under "Grassroots Courses" select "Online Course" and then "Proceed to Registration"

Once you have completed the Online course, print your completion certificate to take to the in-person course.


IMPORTANT: You are not a registered referee after completing the on-line course. You must also attend and complete, with satisfactory participation, both the classroom and field sessions of an In-Person Grassroots Course. The Oklahoma State Referee Committee will deny registration and approval for any candidate found officiating any USSF affiliated match before completing all requirements and being listed on OK's Approved Referee list. "Match" includes any league games, tournament games, academy games and any friendly or scrimmage.


In-Person Grassroots Referee Course

After successfully completing the Online course, you will then enroll in an In-Person Grassroots course presented by the Oklahoma State Referee Committee. The In-Person course consists of a three-hour classroom session followed by a two-hour field session. These are generally held on the same day with an hour break between the sessions. In some cases, they may be held on back-to-back days. You must attend both the Classroom and Field sessions at the same Grassroots In-Person Course. You cannot split your attendance between sessions at two different courses. When you enroll in an In-Person course, make to select a course which you can attend both sessions.




For the field session:

-Wear appropriate clothes for outdoor activities for the weather during that part of the year.

-Bring a whistle.  If you already have red/yellow cards and AR flags, bring those as well. If you don't have cards/flags, there will be some available, but every candidate must bring his/her own whistle. 

-Bring your own water/sports drink to maintain hydration. 


Most referee courses are offered in August and February, before the main fall and spring seasons, respectively, though there will be a small amount of classes every month except May, June and July. You can find a list of scheduled referee classes below. The classes are scheduled by club request, so if you don't see anything in your area talk to your club's board members to ask if they have plans to schedule a class in the near future.




I completed the Grassroots Referee Courses. What now?

Referee Uniforms - OfficialSports

Referee Uniforms - ScoreSports



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