To register for an 09 or 08 class, use the link at the left titled SCHEDULED REFEREE CLASSES and select the class you wish to attend. Inside the registration for the class is a form to register with USSF.

If you wish to register for a recert class, use the same link above and find a Recert class. After you register for the class, you will need to go online to and register and pay prior to taking the recert class.

Upgrade Application (Choose Upgrade option, $65 - At OSA Workshop, Jan. 30-31, 2015 in Midwest City)
Referee Clinic Contract
Referee Expense Report - updated 10.17.11
Misconduct Form - New online format
Abuse/Assault Form
Assessment Request Form updated 4.28.14
Game Log Form
Referee of the Year Application - Youth
Referee of the Year Application - Adult
Request to transfer Registration Form
Request to travel to an Out of State Tournament - Under 18
Request to travel to an Out of State Tournament - 18 and older
Reimbursement Applications

Availability form for President's Cup 2014

Apps for Iphone and Ipad - if you wish to fill out these forms using an Iphone or Ipad, check your App Store for applications such as PDF Max which allows you to fill out the forms and submit.  Cost is $2.99  Check for others and their capabilities.

Ordering Replacement Badges
2014 referees who have received their registration card now have the ability to purchase replacement or additional 2014 badges online at the link below. Badges are $3.50 each, plus shipping, handling and taxes.  A maximum of two badges can be ordered per USSF ID #.  Please share this link with any referees looking to order replacement or additional badges.

Lost Badge - replacement application