2016 Referee Registration and Recertification
Entry LevelGrade 09 course is two sessions of three hours each.  $60
   Also requires online coursework on the USSF web site.

: Grade 08 course is three sessions of three hours each. $60
   Also requires online coursework on the USSF web site.

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updated March 10, 2016
All class enrollment must be completed online before attending an 09, an 08, or a recertification course.

2016 law books and badges will be mailed by US Soccer after you complete the
registration below and successfully complete a 2016 Recertification class.

In March 2015, US Soccer launched a new online registration system. Even if you have been
a referee for two years (or twenty), before you can log in you will need to sign up for a new
account the first time you use the new registration system. The tutorial below walks you through
the process in easy to understand, step-by-step detail.
TUTORIAL - US Soccer Referee Online Registraiton

Online registration for previously registered referees: 

Need to find your USSF ID?

New Referees must visit the Scheduled Referee Classes link to sign up for classes.
Apps for Iphone and Ipad - if you wish to fill out these forms using an Iphone or Ipad, check your App Store for applications such as PDF Max which allows you to fill out the forms and submit.  Cost is $2.99  Check for others and their capabilities. 

Deadline: December 31, 2015 - after December 2015, add $10 late fee for every position (instructor, assessor, etc.)

Background check application is available at
Here is a tutorial to help you comple the background check:
How To Complete the Background Check
Registration fees for 2016:  
Referee Fees
: 09 - $75 ; 08 - $75 ; 07 - $80 ; State - $110 ; Emeritus - $110
Instructor Fees : Instructor - $80; State - $110
Assessor Fees: Associate - $75; Referee - $75; State - $110
Assignor Fees: $45
Late fee of $10 applied after January 1, 2016.
Referees will receive Law books and badges at the courses for NEW 09 and 08 referees. 
Assessment Information
Assessment Criteria for 2015 - The following links will provide referees the criteria-based assessment form, sufficient test of match information, definition of critical match, performance levels expected of various grade levels, and the unified grading system. Referees planning to upgrade should read through the criteria to determine what is expected of them as they progress through the ranks from grade 8 to State.
Criteria-based assessment form
Sufficient test of match
Definition of critical match
Performance levels
Grading system
Referee Assessment Request

Referee Assessment: $ 55. The fee covers all maintenance and upgrade assessments requested by referees.