Refs Wear Pink

Referees Wear Pink for October Breast Cancer Awareness
 Photos from Soktoberfest - click here
The State Referee Committee endorsed the wearing of pink jerseys supplied by Score Sports (OSA sponsor) and the referees will wear them throughout October. “We will authorize the use of the pink jersey every October (Breast Cancer Awareness month) for the foreseeable future,” says SRA Ron Poulsen.
A set of three pink jerseys were donated by long time referee and assessor, Ed Michaud, as a way to honor the many who have had to fight breast cancer. The SRC wishes to thank Ed for this generous donation.
“We had many teams, both men and women’s, compliment the decision to allow our state’s officials to wear these jerseys during October,” says Dale Watts, SDI. “Having lost a wife to cancer, it is gratifying to see so many of our officials support this issue.”
Casey Ivanoff, Chris Pauley, and Michael Cummings from Lawton wore pink at their matches at Big Green.

Lance Stewart, Joe Forler, and Sue-Z Forler kick off their finals match at Soktoberfest wearing the pink jerseys.

Referees at Soktoberfest wearing pink jerseys: Lisa Jorgensen, Bob Pasha, Steve Holder. Captains: Kristin Phaneuf with Linoma from Nebraska and Laura Adams from Rehab. Jerseys were donated by Ed Michaud in memory of all breast cancer victims.