2013 Regionals Hosted by Edmond

US Youth confirmed the selection of Edmond Soccer Club as the site of the 2013 Southern Regionals (June 2013) at the annual fall Region III meeting. Robert Singer, Regional Director, made the announcement and stated "We are very careful to select only those tournament sites hosting committees and state youth soccer organizations that we believe have the facilities, resources and leadership necessary to successfully host this tournament. The selection of Edmond, your club and Oklahoma Soccer Association is a validation of the high reputation of each."

The Regional tournament will draw approximately 208 teams from 12 states and bring with them over 6,000 players, parents, team coaches, college coaches, scouts and support staff to Edmond. The economic boost to the metro area of Oklahoma City and Edmond will see over 3,000 hotel rooms occupied for over four nights and local restaurants and retail stores will see an increase in sales.

The Southern Regionals were last held in Oklahoma at South Lakes in 2007. Prior to that, Edmond hosted the 1999 Southern Regionals. Tulsa hosted the Southern Regionals in 1989 and 1982.

Congratulations to Edmond and also to the Youth Board of Oklahoma Soccer Association for capturing this event!