Adult State Cup Open

OSA’s Adult Division State Open Tournament Kicks Off Saturday, November 12

Division 1
1st - St Thomas SC - 4
2nd - Deportivo PC - 0

Division 2
1st - Pure Luck - 4
2nd - Odyssey - 1

PHOTOS from the matches - click here
Seven teams are entered in the fall open tournament. The matches will be played at South Lakes Soccer Complex and feature men’s teams in Division 2 and Division 1 leagues.
Map of SLSC complex
Division 2 teams:
Pure Luck
Division 1 teams:
SLSC Cosmos                       St. Thomas SC
Deportivo PC                         RAFC Select
Saturday Nov 12: (30min halves)
10am     Field 2             Div 2      Pure Luck vs Odyssey
12pm     Field 4             Div 1      SLSC Cosmos vs St. Thomas SC
12pm     Field 2             Div 1      Deportivo PC vs RAFC Select
2pm       Field 4             Div 2      DTOM vs Pure Luck
3pm       Field 2             Div 1      St. Thomas SC vs Deportivo PC
3pm       Field 4             Div 1      SLSC Cosmos vs RAFC Select
5pm       Field 6 (lights)  Div 2      DTOM vs Oddysey
Sunday Nov 13: (30min halves)
12pm      Field 3            Div 1      RAFC Select vs St. Thomas SC
12pm      Field 5            Div 1      Deportivo PC vs SLSC Cosmos
(45 minute halves)
3pm       Field 3             Div 1      Final 2nd place vs 1st place (45 min halves)
3pm       Field 5             Div 2      Final 2nd place vs 1st place (45 min halves)
State Cup Open Rules  use the link for tournament rules

The tournament format is set for five men's divisions and three women's:
Teams are made up of soccer players meeting the Player & Roster Criteria above. The playing divisions for this year’s tournament are:
Men’s Premier              * Women’s Competitive                   * Men’s Over 30 Competitive
* Men’s Competitive        * Women’s Recreational                  * Men’s Over 30 Recreational
* Men’s Recreational       * Co-ed