OSA Selects Scholarship Recipients

Seven youth players will receive $500 scholarships this spring from the OSA Scholarship account. Each year OSA awards scholarships to deserving young high school players. The application is available online and the applicant must complete the form and write an essay of 500 words or less on what the scholarship would mean to them.
Winners of this year’s scholarships are Sheridan Crofford of Edmond; Natasha Fuentes from Yukon; Kaci Hutchinson of Oologah; Marc May from Coweta; Johnathan Morris of Broken Arrow; Ally Renfroe from Norman; and Kailey Stewart of Bixby.
The applicants must have been a registered player in OSA for at least three seasons within the past four years. Applicants are not restricted to high school seniors because many scholarships have gone to players in college who continue to play soccer for their club. The scholarship may be used to pay for almost any school-related expense the student wishes.
Only two of the recipients of 2012 will attend a university outside Oklahoma. The others will all enroll in colleges or universities in the state.
Sheridan Crofford will attend OBU this fall after playing for OFC 94 White girls and she plans on majoring in nursing. “Soccer has been a constant in my life for over three-fourths of my life,” says Sheridan. “I am not ready to give it up. In fact, I see myself involved in soccer for many years to come. Whether I am playing in an adult league or being a ‘soccer mom,’ I will never forget how the game I love has shaped my life.”
Natasha Fuentes will attend Southern Nazarene University in the fall and hopes to be the first daughter to graduate from college. Playing soccer with Fusion 94 in Midwest City, Natasha will continue her soccer career as a player for SNU. Driving her to complete a degree, according to Natasha, is the wish to “be the first daughter on my mother’s side to complete high school and college since my older sister passed away in 1996 when I was two.”
Kaci Hutchinson will apply her scholarship to fees at Southwestern College at Winfield, Kansas where she is currently enrolled pursuing a degree in education and plays midfield on the varsity squad. Club soccer for Kaci was with Blitz United and the Owasso Soccer Club. Kaci’s mother was her first coach and she says: “I played under Green Country Soccer for 13 years and loved every minute of it. I made friends that will last a lifetime.”
Marc May plans to attend Northeastern State University in the fall of 2013 and hopes to continue his hard-working attitude in regards to college studies. “I apply myself not only in school (he holds a 4.0 GPA) but also with outside school activities. I am the captain of the Coweta Tigers and the captain of our culinary arts team.” Marc enjoys working with others to make a team succeed.
Johnathan Morris will travel to the University of Arkansas this fall and after graduating from Broken Arrow will major in engineering. Johnathan has played for Green Country since “I was six years old. I’m also an 08 referee and have played competitive soccer with HFC in the OPL.” He plans to continue his officiating while in college and after graduating hopes to start his own business.
Ally Renfroe lives in Norman and will attend OU this fall after playing the NYSA Fury 94 Green team for many years. “From the time I can remember, I’ve been at soccer fields in Norman. I’ve tried other sports but soccer has always been my passion and it’s shaped who I am. It taught me how to work with others, how to lead, and how to work hard. It’s a blessing I will carry with me forever,” says Ally. Soccer will continue to be a part of Ally’s life. “I will always play and I’m planning on playing in college, but not on the varsity squad. It’s something I’ll do forever.”
Kailey Stewart will travel from Bixby to Oklahoma State University this fall after playing for the Bixby Highlanders for the past three years. Kailey began playing soccer at age 4 and has now spent 14 years playing the game. With plans to become a Physician’s Assistant, Kailey says “Soccer has taught me commitment, teamwork, and dedication can get you farther than you ever imagined possible.”
Seven Oklahoma Soccer Association players were selected to receive $500 scholarships.