Oklahoma's Paul Scott Selected for MLS Cup Final

December 7th at 3pm, Paul Scott, Oklahoma native and current interim SRA, will be AR1 on the MLS Cup final at Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas City. The match between the Portland Timbers and Real Salt Lake will be televised on ESPN at 8pm.
Referee Hilario Grajeda, AR2 Bill Ditmar, and 4th official Ismail Elfath will join Paul Scott as the referee crew for the match. This crew was also assigned to the MLS All-Star match, the first time the same crew has been assigned to both matches.
Paul wishes to thank the Oklahoma soccer community and his mentors who had a hand in his success. "I remember as a 15 year old, Peter Aradi telling me that a linesman (AR) had to run more than the referee. I had no idea what he was talking about then, but it stuck with me and now I get it." Paul also wishes to recognize the contributions to his career by Russ Staurovsky, Richard Brook, Ed Michaud, Manuel Oritz, Sr., and Paul's father Robert Scott.
"I wish to express my thanks to my parents and to my boys, Alex and Nik. Without their support and patience my career would never have reached these heights," says Paul.
Tune in on Saturday and watch the MLS Cup Final and enjoy one of Oklahoma's own referees officiate the highest level of match available to US referees.
We are proud of you, Paul, and thank you for your years of service to the game and for representing Oklahoma so well.