Club Information Page

With the new Bylaws being implemented January 1, 2014, it is important that OSA members are familiar with the new bylaws as well as comfortable with the new recreational and competitive policies.  For that reason, this page will now be available for members to find information on issues that are facing OSA.
NEW WEB PAGE LINK - one of the first items to draw attention will be the new RECREATIONAL drop down link on our site. In this drop down will be several links for you to utilize if you want information on all things recreational. Watch for it as we develop it over the next few weeks.
LEAGUE STRUCTURE INFORMATION - this link give you a break down of how all the leagues will function and how they are composed.
RECREATIONAL POLICIES Draft  - for those interested in recreational teams and player development at this level, check out the draft.
COMPETITIVE POLICIES DRAFT - this link will provide information on how the competitive arm of OSA will function.
APPROVED BYLAWS - this link gives you access to the newly adopted bylaws that go in effect January 1, 2014.
2013-2014 REGISTRATION FEES - this chart will provide clubs help in figuring what registration fees they owe for the year.
RECREATIONAL CLUB-WIDE PLAYER PASS GUIDELINES - this link will provide information on how clubs may use the CPP to allow their players to reach the level of excellence the player desires.

Coming to this site soon - Frequently Asked Questions and much more that will assist you in understanding OSA's new governance.