OSA District Meetings Well Attended

 OSA staff and board members attended meetings in Tulsa and Oklahoma City on Saturday, December 14 and Sunday, December 15.

Saturday's meeting with both recreational and competitive clubs from the eastern side of the state provided the members with more information on how the bylaws will affect their teams, registration, rosters, and a number of other issues that were discussed during the meeting. Bill Aven, chair of the bylaws committee, Marianne Ballard, and Keith Ash provided answers to questions concerning the bylaws and policies. Kurt Luitwieler explained the coaching program as well as the upcoming OSA Academy Program. Dale Watts provided information on referee development.

Also, district VP's and a few board members were selected by the group to be possible candidates for the upcoming elections to be held at the OSA Score Workshop February 7-8 at Midwest City. Following the two sessions with recreational and competitive clubs, David Chalstrom of GotSoccer provided new methods for assisting clubs in registration and scheduling as well as taking many questions from those attending.

Sunday's meeting in Oklahoma City followed a similar agenda with both recreational and competitive clubs from the western side of the state in attendance. As with the Saturday meeting, information was provided by Bill Aven, Marianne Ballard, and Keith Ash on policies concerning recreational and competitive programs. Kurt Luitwieler and Dale Watts again gave information on the coaching and referee programs. The Sunday meeting also selected possible candidates for the upcoming elections at the OSA Score Workshop.

Attendance at both meetings included members from nearly every club in Oklahoma and the exchange of ideas was well worth the time and effort on everyone’s part, stated Executive Director Sid Goodrich who introduced the presenters and acted as facilitator for the sessions.

Saturday's meeting at Tulsa's OSA office had representation from nearly every club from the eastern side of the state.

OSA meeting with the west side of the state clubs drew representatives from nearly every club.