Tornado Relief Funds of OSA Distributed

 OSA’s Tornado Relief Funds, which totaled over $49,000, were distributed Sunday, December 16 at the District meeting held at Cambria Suites Hotel in Oklahoma City. The funds were collected following May’s tornado storms that ravaged several communities in Oklahoma. Contributing to the Tornado Relief Fund were US Youth, US Soccer, US Youth Region III. Personal contributions were collected by OSA’s web site and Facebook notices and by collection points set up state wide.

The massive outpouring of support was a fine example of how the soccer community is nationwide, according to OSA Youth President, Tom Wedding.  Sid Goodrich, OSA’s Executive Director noted that even states not in US Youth’s Region III sent checks and offers of support.

“OSA gave each of the four clubs most affected by the tornados checks for the club to distribute amongst the families who lost homes and personal belongings.” There were 42 families identified by the clubs as in need of the assistance.

South Lakes Soccer Club had 31 families identified for support and received $36,878.00 from the OSA Tornado Relief Funds.  Accepting the check for South Lakes was Ashley Glitzke, President.

Norman Youth Soccer had 3 families affected by the storms and received $3,568 to distribute from the OSA Tornado Relief Funds. Accepting the check for Norman Youth Soccer was Leah Tidwell.

El Reno Soccer identified 7 families in need of assistance from the OSA Tornado Relief Fund and El Reno received a check for $8,327 to distribute to the families. Accepting the check for the El Reno Soccer Club was Nick Mitchum, board member.

Shawnee Soccer Association identified 1 family in need of support and received $1,189 from the OSA Tornado Relief Fund. A check has been mailed to the Shawnee Soccer Association for the club to give to the family.

OSA wishes to thank its members for the gracious support of fellow soccer families who lost not only possessions, but in some tragic cases, even a loved one. To those who donated and had no real connection to our soccer families, we extend our gratitude and appreciation for such an act of compassion.