OSA Scholarship Applications Due

Oklahoma Soccer offers high school seniors and college students who have played on OSA teams for at least three seasons within the past four years the opportunity for a scholarship. The scholarship is awarded annually at the Soccer Workshop held in January or February of each year. Generally, the scholarships are granted to seven applicants chosen based on the application and the required 500 word essay. Additionally, a certified high school transcript is also required with the application. The scholarship winner may use the funds as he/she wishes to apply toward school expenses. For the past several years, OSA has provided the winners $500 scholarships. The amount and number of scholarships may vary from year to year. The essay to accompany the application is to respond to the query: What this scholarship would mean to me. The application is available online on the OSA web site and by using the following link: 


Once again, the deadline for the scholarship application is March 31, 2014.