Competitive Tryout FA!'s for Parents

From Kurt Luitwieler - OSA's Director of Player Development and coaching education

Taxes are done (hopefully.) Sun is out (for now.) Spring is before us. Winter was hanging on at the beginning of the week, but I think it is finally done for this year.

Which means that clubs and coaches and starting to think about not only the year end State competitions (State Cup and President's Cup), but also what their teams and age groups will look like for the next seasonal year. 

This process can be a very anxiety riddled time for players and parents (and coaches/clubs too.)

Here are a few items you should know that are the facts and then some friendly advice from a coach and parent and the state Technical Director. (That's me...all three.)
If all you need is the date for when your child can sign with a club, great, see just below and you are done.  If you are one of the many parents that has a myriad of questions and concerns as the specter of tryouts looms before you, then please read on and hopefully you will get some guidance.

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