3rd Annual OSA Goalkeeper Boot Camp

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OKC: JULY 28-31 - Edmond Soccer Club
Recipe for a good soccer goalkeeper:
1 part bravery
1 part perfectionist
1 part pure athlete
1 part analyst
1 part technician
1 part drill sergeant
1 part cheerleader
5 parts crazy nut-job that likes to throw face at other players' feet as they try to kick the ball.
As a former GK and a long-time coach of GKs and now a father of a GK, I know this recipe very well.  Not every player can be a good goalkeeper.  It takes a lot of training, hard work and a certain mentality.  A good goalkeeper LOVES being a goalkeeper.  They love getting dirty, wet, muddy and all bruised and scraped up.  Those things are badges of honor for a true goalkeeper. 
When they are 7 or 8, the two or three on a team that throw their body at a teammate's shot instead of ducking out of the way are the easy ones to spot.  They could be your best athletes on the team! They SHOULD BE!  Look at the World Cup games: the best teams have the most athletic and gifted GKs.  [Did you see Ochoa from Mexico in the Brazil v Mexico game? Brilliant!]
To get ready for the upcoming season, we have put together another GK Boot Camp! 
For ages 9-19, boys and girls. We will be working on every technique from basic catching to distribution with hands and feet to dealing with crosses and power diving.  Everything.
Obviously, the topics will be adjusted based on developmentally appropriate level to keep them challenged, but still safe.  We will be grouping by ability/gender. 
Later in the week, we will bring some local field players in and play some games and work on our tactical awareness and reading the game.  This we feel is an ESSENTIAL part of a GK's development. 
We are currently finalizing our staff for the summer, but the lead staff will be:
Kurt Luitwieler: Director of Coaching for Oklahoma Soccer Association, USSF A License, USYS National Youth License, NSCAA Regional GK Diploma, Author of OSA GK Coaching Course, USYSA Region 3 Staff GK Coach, USSF National Instructor
Sid Goodrich: Executive Director for Oklahoma Soccer Association, USSF A License, All-American University of Buffalo
OKC: [In addition to Kurt Luitwieler]
We will also have some advanced boys and girls that will help us with the young GKs so we can get more Coach/Player interaction at the youngest age groups where they need to be really walked through the techniques correctly.  Having 1 coach with 20 Gks, will not get it done.  Our goal is to have about a 1 to 8 ratio or less.
Tulsa Assistants: (They will help Kurt with the youngest group.)
Dean Goodrich: Region 3 GK, Player on TSCH '97
Hailey Melton: Region 3 and National Pool GK, Plays for TSCH '98 ECNL, Union Starting GK as Freshman and Sophomore (All-Conference)
Bronwyn Luitwieler: 2-Time Olympic Development Program All-Star GK at Sub-Regional ODP Camp. Plays for Blitz United.
(OKC Assistants TBD)
  Of course, if we get 100 GKs signup, that's great, we'll just get more staff to work the camp.  That ratio is important.  Any more than that, the learning environment for the GK begins to suffer.
COST: To do personal training usually costs about $50/hour. When I have a group of 4 or 5, I will reduce that to $35/person for the hour.  With this camp, you get close to that level of personal instruction, at a fraction of the cost: $200 (200/16 hours = $12.50 per hour.) Plus, you get a camp T-shirt!!  What's not to love?
Daily schedule: (Field Number to be determined)
8:00-9:15: Field Session 1
9:30-10:00: Heat Break (get out of heat, get a chalk talk, cold treat, etc.)
10:15-11:45: Field Session 2
11:45-12:00: Wrap-up, cool down, re-hydrate.
Properly inflated ball (proper size for child's age group)
Properly fitting soccer shoes.
Properly fitting GK gloves.
GK Jersey.  Even in heat, long-sleeve is preferable to protect against abrasions. We will take plenty of water breaks.
Water jug/bottle! Big one!
We will have a sun/shade tent with ice chests for ice towels to keep them cool during our breaks.  While GKs are tough and work hard, we do NOT take chances with the heat.