OSA Establishes Tornado Relief Fund

OSA Establishes Tornado Relief Fund
100% of all donations will go to OSA club members
Oklahoma Soccer Association has established the OSA Tornado Relief Fund with First Fidelity Bank to accept donations which will be distributed to the various soccer clubs in OSA for their dispersal. OSA will also be working with other state associations, US Youth and US Soccer in this effort.  100% of all monies collected will be donated.

OSA will work with clubs statewide who have suffered from the recent storms and provide funding to those clubs for their dispersal based on their membership.  We feel the club will be in the best position to determine their members in need.  

Thank you to all who contribute and OSA
 will continue to provide assistance to our membership during the following months in as many ways as possible.

To make a donation:

Mail in a check made payable to OSA Tornado Relief Fund to:

First Fidelity Bank
P.O. Box 270725
Oklahoma City, OK 73137

Thank you for your donation!