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Competitive State Tournaments

Competitive State Tournaments



2017 State Cup 15U-18U Schedules

2017 State Cup 15U-19U Seeding

15U-Boys*     15U-Girls

16U-Boys *    16U-Girls

17U-Boys*     17U-Girls

18U-Boys*     18U-Girls*

19U-Boys^     19U-Girls^

*updated 5/9/17

^updated 5/18/17


2017 President Cup 15U-18U Schedules

2017 President Cup 15U-19U Seeding

15U-Boys     15U-Girls

16U-Boys     16U-Girls

17U/18U-Boys     17U/18U-Girls

18U-Boys     18U-Girls

19U-Boys^     19U-Girls^

*updated 5/15/17

^updated 5/18/17



2017 State Cup U11-14 Schedules

2017 State Cup 11U - 14U Seeding

14U-Boys*     14U-Girls

13U-Boys     13U-Girls

12U-Boys^     12U-Girls

11U-Boys     11U-Girls


2017 President Cup U11-14 Schedules

2017 Presidents Cup 11U - 14U Seeding

14U-Boys*     14U-Girls

13U-Boys^     13U-Girls

12U-Boys*     12U-Girls

11U-Boys^     11U-Girls^

*updated 4/20
^updated 4/19





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               State cup 17 banner

State Cup – Open to competitive teams in OCL and OPL. This is the first competition in the NCS Series.

OSA 2017 State Cup Rules

2017 State Cup final hi res

Watch for the 2018 State Cup U11-U14 Registration to Open!

$1000 bond for all age groups


Watch for the 2018 State Cup 15U-18U Registration to Open!

$1000 bond for all age groups


Watch for the 2018 State Cup 19U Registration to Open!

$1000 bond for all age groups

Presidents Cup 17 Banner

Presidents Cup – Open to competitive and recreational teams that have not competed in the highest level of Region III league (SRPL)

2017 Pres Cup final hi res

Watch for the 2018 President's Cup 11U - 14U Registration to Open!

$1000 bond for all age groups


 Watch for the  2018 President's Cup 15U - 18U  Registration to Open!

$1000 bond for all age groups


Watch for the 2018 Presidents Cup 19U Registration to Open!

$1000 bond for all age groups


Adult State Cup – Open to all teams in the Adult division



April 14-15           U11-U14 State/President Cup Prelims

April 28-29           U11-U14 State/President Cup Finals

May 19                 Round 1 U15-U18 State/President Cup

May 20                 Round 2 U15-U18 State/President Cup

May 25-26            Round 3 U15-U18 State/President Cup prelim U19

May 27                 Semis/Finals U15-U19 State/President Cup

May 28                 Finals U15-U19 State/President Cup

*Rain dates June 2-3 for finals 



Roster will be frozen prior to the first round of each tournament.  These will remain frozen through all advancement levels of the team in the tournament.  No changes permitted. Roster Freeze Dates:

2018 Dates:

April 4, 2018 State Cup/President Cup U11-U14

May 9, 2018 State Cup/Presidents Cup U15-U18

May 16, 2018 State Cup U19


Team 13U through 17U  that are President Cup Champions move on to the regional competition.  

US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup

For the 2016-17 seasonal year, the oldest age group in the US Youth Soccer National and Regionals Presidents Cup events will be 17/18U, with competition also featuring the 13U through 16U age groups. Eligible players in the 17/18U age group must be born on or after Aug. 1, 1999. This one-year change is in place to allow players to participate in their final year of Presidents Cup eligibility that they would have otherwise missed due to the implementation of birth year registration.

In the 2017-18 seasonal year, the National and Regional Presidents Cup events will continue to include 13U through 17U teams, with the oldest age group (17U) reverting back to a normal birth-year registration range (Jan. 1, 2001 to Dec. 31, 2001).

P Cup Age Chart


President Cup Regionals in Tulsa, Oklahoma 2017 June 12-18, 2017

Region III Presidents Cup Website

Region III 2016 Presidents Cup Rules

Teams 13U through 17U that are Regional Presidents Cup Champions will move on to the Presidents National competition.

  National Presidents Cup Website

  National President's Cup Rules 2017 



Teams 13U to 19U that are State Cup  Champions will move on to the Southern Regional Competition.

Southern Regionals in Greensboro, North Caroline 2017 and 2018.

2017 US Youth Soccer Region III Championships | Greensboro, N.C.NCS Logo souther regional
Bryan Park Soccer Complex
Opening Ceremony: June 22
Round Robin: June 23-25
Quarters: June 26 (U13B, U14, U15, U16)
Semis/ Quarters: June 27 (Semifinals U19/ Quarters U13G, U17 & U18)
Finals/ Semis: June 28 (Finals U19/ Semis U13-U18)
Finals: June 29 (Finals U13-U18)

Southern Regionals Website



NCS 2017 banner

Teams 13U to 19U that are Southern Regional Champions will move on to USYS National Competition.

NCS Website




Check out these promotional videos:


2015-2016 STATE CUP 


OSA is looking at ways to continue to improve both State Cup and Presidents Cup.  To submit your ideas please send an email to Tom Wedding at

There is a USYS Medical release that is the only medical release to be used for USYS events.  CLICK HERE for the form.
There is also important Concussion information for regionals. Please read the Southern Regional Concussion Letter and Post Concussion Release Form.
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