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OKLAHOMA State Soccer Association






Adult State Cup Rules

     April 21-23, 2023 

                          Enid Soccer at the Advance Soccer Complex            



Located at 1526 S. Garland, Enid 73703


For questions, please contact

For Teams not affiliated please download the roster and
email the completed roster to




Adult State Cup 2022

Champion - Sporting OKC Edmond Soccer Club

Adult State Cup 2021

Champions: Sporting OKC from Edmond Soccer

Adult State Cup 2020

Adult State Cup not held due to COVID

Adult State Cup 2019

Division 1 Champion - ODA Nam Hai

Division 2 Champion - Silver FC


Adult State Cup 2018

Mens Division Champions - ODA Super Nam-Hai

Mens Division Finalist - Edmond Sporting OKC

Womens Division Champion - Modmess

Womens Division Finalist - BTA


Adult State Cup 2017

Mens Division 1 Champions - ODA Cuevas

Mens Division 2 Champions - COASL Select

Womens Division Champions - COASL Straight Outta Shape


Adult State Cup 2016

Mens Division 1 Champions - ODA Cuevas

Mens Division 1 Finalist - Humble Lions

Mens Division 2 Champion - ODA Real Espana

Mens Division 2 Finalist - ODA Bravos

Mens Over 30 Champion - Retro Boulder FK

Mens Over 30 Finalist - BAAC

Womens Division Champion - BTA

Womens Division Finalist - George's Pub


Adult State Cup 2015

Mens Division Champion - ODA Cuevas

Mens Division Finalist - Royals FC

For photos, click here.


 Adult State Cup 2014

Mens Division 1 Champion - Sporting OKC


Mens Division 2 Champion - St Thomas Tigres

For photos, click here.

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